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The Invalid

After accepting a mysterious yet lucrative offer to prepare the legal papers for the sale of a crumbling Yorkshire estate, Vaughan Springthorpe struggles to overcome her insecurities and the attempts of an unknown adversary to drive her away; in the process, she risks losing not only her heart but also her life. (Complete)





A Battle Worth Fighting

Paul Harris is a quiet, intellectual Anglican priest whose driving ambition is to become the cathedral dean, but he falls in love with a most unsuitable woman. Lilia Brooke, an agnostic militant suffragette, considers marriage to a clergyman a fate worse than death. Paul and Lilia must face the devastating effects of their separate ambitions and decide whether their love is worth fighting for. (Complete)



Young priest is celebrating a Holy Mass

Bear No Malice

When the Reverend Canon Tom Cross is beaten and left for dead, he has a chance to start a new life and break his habit of lying to everyone he meets. Artist Miranda Thorne is attracted to the handsome clergyman, but he also reminds her of the mistakes in her past that she’d rather forget. Neither Miranda nor Tom can anticipate the strength of their bond or the obstacles that will arise to threaten it. (In revision)



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